With all repairs starting at only $5, you can bring your own jewelry back to life within days.  Our very capable and creative beadologists are able to help with even the toughest repairs.


Restringing Necklaces

Prices will vary depending on the length of necklace, here is a general guideline:

$20 Large Beads (10mm and up) | $30 if strand is longer than 18"

$20 Standard Size Beads (10mm-6mm) | $30 if strand is longer than 18"

$40 Small beads (6mm or less) | $50 if strand is longer than 18"

$10 Extra if strand is graduated

$5 Extra for deconstruction fee is original piece is knotted.

restringing bracelets:

$10 Large Beads

$15 Small Beads



restringing Squash blossoms

Both strands $150 | One strand (usually not recommended) $90.

Crimping: $5 (silk, beading wire, leather, $2.50/side)

Wire Wraps: $5 for a double wrap; $2.50 each wrap

Rosary Loops: $2 each side

Caging Stones: Simple cage $10 for base metal; Sterling Silver $5 extra; Gold Filled $10 extra

Gluing: $1-$10 depending on how much glue and time is used.

Drilling: $1 each hole

Design Fee- $20 Design fee for complicated design

Silk knotting: $1 each knot